Discover the Yucatan Peninsula´s hidden and unhidden kite spots with us!
With around 600 km of coast, fed by two seas: Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico´s, with a consistent windy season all along the coast, a second largest reef barrier, ancestral archaeology, underground water caves, little authentic villages where they still speak in mayan, a vast jungle home of the spider monkey, jaguar, deer, wild pig and an endless variety of birds, makes this zone a natural and cultural abundant one.
Also on the Caribbean side a mega tourist development all along the coast with all sort of fancy hotels and lodges for different kind of budgets and preferences.
The beautiful city of Mérida, quite rich in culture, gastronomy and architecture, is the capital city of the Yucatan state.
The Yucatan state positions it self as the safest state of Mexico.
So, let us take you in a kiter adventure around these amazing place!